How to Put Different Posts in Different Pages.

This is A video that shows you how to put different posts of blogger on different pages, and not on a single page,HOME. Currently Blogger does not provide this feature, but in future they promise to enable this for users. Till Then we have to do it other way round!!!
So if you want this for your blog too. Here it is how to do it.!!!


  1. thank you bhai.....helped me alot!!!!

  2. ok lets try this again. This doesn't work for me because when I choose pages I do not get the options that you have. Blogger keeps changing things. :(
    I have three pages on my blog all unlinked. When I go into pages I get a dialogue box that offers me the option to link my pages. However this is not what it does. It links to a page that is unpublished so that I have two pages with the same name - one that is the original unlinked and a second one that is linked but says page cannot be found! Please help.

  3. hi,
    It's just what I wanted but the problem is that I've only these options : "new page" or "publish" or "revert to draft", so how can I create a "new page - web address" ???

    I'd want that all my posts are published in a another page than Home (and thus make Home static) and that my blog opens with the other page that I'd have chosen...
    I hope you understand what I mean... my english isn't my mother tongue.
    thx you for your help

  4. oh finally I found where "new page web address" is located :
    layout - add a gadget - pages
    then follow the instructions on the video

    The problem is that this new page doesn't appear where it has to be : I want to place it in the horizontal menu (multi level menu) I've created, How can I do it ?

    thank your for your help

  5. Thanks a lot this helped for my blog here :